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Aug 9, 2009 7:30pm EDT
right now. >> this is america's number one financial news program. "the wall street journal report." now, maria bartiromo. >>> now here's bob pisani with a look at some of the stories in the headlines this week. >> here's a look at what's making news as we enter a new week on wall street. for the first time since april of 2008, the unemployment rate actually fell. the jobs report for july was released on friday and it showed the economy lost 247,000 jobs, better than what many economists had expected. the unemployment rate dropped to 9.4%. the better than expected report is a strong signal the recession is ending. the market started august off on a bang. on monday, the s&p 500 closed over 1000 for the first time since november, the nasdaq over 2000 for the first time since october. the markets were flat midweek and rose on friday. with a helping hand from the cash for clunkers program vehicle sales in july got a boost. ford up 2%, the first year over year increase since last august. gm, chrysler and toyota were down. earnings season is winding down, but several dow components reported th
Aug 16, 2009 2:30am EDT
you can save money, because of it. the "wall street journal report" starts right now. this is america's number one financial news program, the "wall street journal report." now, maria bartiromo. >> hello, i'm bill griffeth, and maria will be along in a few minutes. >> here is a look at what is making news as we head into a new week on wall street. as anticipated, the federal reserve's open market committee kept a key interest rate at or near zero percent. the fed statement though which provides important insights into how the members of the ofmc are thinking is slightly more optimistic than it had been. and the open committee says that the economy appears to have a bottom and economic activity is leveling out. that helped to push the markets higher wednesday and the dow was up 100 points after two days' declines and the dow rose again thursday, but fell on friday. retail sales numbers released by the government were disappointing and the commerce department said they edged down by .1% in july. most analysts had been anticipating a slight increase. an astonishing number from general mo
Aug 2, 2009 7:30pm EDT
otherwise would prefer spending to buy. i do believe the holiday season in america generally is going to be much stronger than it was last holiday because we had no christmas. >>> up next on the "wall street journal report," he owns the cubs, "tribune" company, but he has his eye on real estate all over the world. where sam zell is investing his dollars these days. >>> and how tightening adults help senior citizens and children personally and financially and families come egg together when nest eggs are broken. as we take a break, look at how the stock market ended the week. we know why we're here. to stand behind all who serve. ♪ to deliver the technologies... vital to freedom. ♪ to help carry hope to those in need. ♪ around the globe, the people of boeing... are working together -- for what matters most. that's why we're here. ♪ most people try to get rid of algae, and we're trying to grow it. the algae are very beautiful. they come in blue or red, golden, green. algae could be converted into biofuels... that we could someday run our cars on. in using algae to form biofuels,
Aug 9, 2009 2:35am EDT
" -- the health of the international economy as told through sna foods. one of corporate america's most powerful women, pepsi-co's ceo joins me from her company's new plant in china. >>> lessons for life and busine happiness even if will smith doesn't star in your lave story. mr. evans? this is nice from onstar. i have received an automatic signal you've been in a front-end crash. do you need help? yeah. i'll contact emergency services and stay with you. you okay? yeah. onstar. standard for one year on 14 chevy models. >>> increasingly, china is a key for the global economy recover. as it shifts from an export economy to a consumer-led economy. pepsi is investing $1 billion in china trying to get a piece of those consumers as the country shifts back into high gear. recently i spoke with pepsi-coe's ceo indra nooyi on opportunities and challenges presented by a global market. >> china is a country where the opportunities are huge. china also has a lot of issues and it's critically important that companies that come into china work with the chinese governments to make sure they're making a positiv
Aug 30, 2009 2:35am EDT
-sized pickups on the road. this is my truck. chevy silverado. america's best truck. people think that honda is always the most fuel effient choice. well, this chevy cobalt xfe has better highway mileage than a comparable honda civic. this chevy traverse has better mileage than honda pilot. the all-new chevy equinox has better mileage than honda cr-v. and chevy malibu has better mileage than accord. however, honda does make something that we just can't compete with. it's self-propelled. there's never been more reasons to look at chevy. >> tim: we have a photograph, a famous photograph as it turns out to be, from left to right. bill dickey, the tutor of yogi berra. both number 8, both hall of famers. on fstal howard and thurman munson. thd when i saystt' is gr p itohh aatos hdi a'tdnappen,'t marty appel was theublic relations ubdict odif the yankees at the time. ltrtod ure tourthmuran munson t of the clubhouse. at w wasching the three stooges, right? you know, big deal. two hall of famers and alston howard. big deal. >> it was -- just because they named him captain didn't mean he was any more
Aug 2, 2009 2:30am EDT
as the "wall street journal" report begins right now. >> this is america's number 1 financial news program. the "wall street journal" report. now, maria bartiromo. >> here's a look at what's making news as we head to a new week on wall street. >> the economy got its report card for the second quarter of the year. the gross domestic product, the broadest measure of the economy was released friday. it shows good news, the economy is still in contraction, shrank by 1% but slightly better than economists expectations. the market summer rally continued. stocks flattuwÑ earlier in the and rose on thursday on encouraging earnings and economic news. the dow and nasdaq and s&p 500 all closed at their highs for 2009. on friday, the markets were flat. it was a mixed earnings picture this week among the dow components. disney and verizon beat analysts expectations, while travelers, exxonmobil and chevron all fell short. two pieces of good housing news. the kay schiller housing index showed the first increase in single family home prices in nearly three years and the commerce department reported singl
Aug 16, 2009 2:35am EDT
industry that will both generate jobs for america and make us energy independent. that is what it will doer fous. >> yeah, that is a great point. i am so happy you made it. richard, great to have you on the program. >> pleasure to be here. >> thank you. richard sandor. >>> up next on the "wall street journal report," your credit score and what you should know about the numbers that signal your financial health and how to keep them in good shape. and small no interest loans have helped millions of people in poverty strick [ engine powers down ] gentlemen, you booked your hotels on orbitz. well, the price went down, so you're all getting a check thanks. for the difference. except for you -- you didn't book with orbitz, so you're not getting a check. well, i think we've all learned a valuable lesson today. good day, gentlemen. thanks a lot. thank you. introducing hotel price assurance, where if another orbitz customer books the same hotel for less, we send you a check for the difference, automatically. cash for clunkee at your chevy dealer. with more eligible models to choose from than anyone.
Aug 16, 2009 7:30pm EDT
jobs for america and make us energy independent. that is what a price will do for us. >> yeah, that's a really great point. i'm so glad you made it. richard, great to have you on the program. >> pleasure to be here. >> thank you. richard sandor. >>> up next on the "wall street journal report," your credit score and what you should know about the numbers that signal your financial health and how to keep them in good shape. and small no-interest loans have helped millions of poverty stricken people in the world. this week, the white house recognizes the man who pioneered microfinance. >>> your credit score -- it is a three-digit number with a lot of power. it impacts your ability to get credit as well as the interest rate that you receive when you do get a loan. for years at three major credit agencies have used a version of the formula called fico which was created by the fair issac corporation back in 1956 to grade credit worthiness. recently, equifax, transperion have joined together to form their vantage score. maria spoke to the ceo. >> i am now speaking to barrett burns, the ceo
Aug 23, 2009 2:30am EDT
traverse can carry that stuff too. the all new chevy traverse. america's best crossover. hi, may i help you? yeah, i'm looking for car insurance that isn't going to break the bank. you're in the right place. only progressive gives you the option to name your price. here. a price gun? mm-hmm. so, i tell you what i want to pay. and we build a policy to fit your budget. that's cool. uh... [ gun beeps ] [ laughs ] i feel so empowered. power to the people! ha ha! yeah! the option to name your price -- new and only from progressive. call or click today. >>> tb stock market has climbed more than 40% since the lows of march, march #th was the low. is it too late to get in now? joining me now bill nygren of oakmark funds. also joining us, is steve romick, crescent fund. a morningstar five-star fund. welcome. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> do you think that valuation has become a concern steve, let's start with you? >> when we look at where we have come from, with the market rising almost 50% from its low, a little hard to get excited now. now, with market up where it is, we look at it running the la
Aug 2, 2009 2:35am EDT
culture. as we see from the latest collection of his writings, one man's america, he believes that there are two equally significant and intwined american obsessions -- politics and baseball. i welcome the pulitzer prize winner who is known for being a chicago cubs fan and a spokesman for political conservatism, george will. >> how are you? i'm a conservative because of the cubs. i grew up in champlain, illinois. >> tim: where half the time was cardinal fans and half t town were cub fans. >> and usually too tender to make life-shaping decisions. all my friends became cardinal fans and grew up cheerful and liberal and i became a gloomy conservative. i have played baseball briefly and badly in little league for the mitten door of funeral home panthers. >> tim: the color of course was black. >> black. you couldn't make this up. i became a cub fan in 1948 at age 7. that was the year that phil wrigley who then owned the team took out ads in the chicago papers to apologize for the team. this is the first team in a long time i haven't had to apologize for. >> tim: apologize because t
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)